Rhythmology CD :

Learn North African Rhythms !

Campaign to develop an educational CD for students to learn key rhythms in North African music !

Salim Beltitane Algerian percussionist, and Esraa Warda, international Algerian dance artist, come together to produce an incredibly unique resource CD for lovers of North African rhythms :  "Rhythmology".

Because rhythm is a lifestyle.

Musicians and dancers alike who are passionate about Algerian, Moroccan, and/or Tunisian popular music forms will have access to over 15+ professionally recorded rhythm loops for their learning journey - on ONE CD !


Support our project "Rhythmology" , a crowdfunding campaign to develop an educational CD about the rhythms from the Maghreb co-produced by Esraa Warda and I. 


In supporting this project, you will directly contribute to local North African artists to create a necessary, historical, and iconic resource for generations to come.

Only 25€ + shipping to pre-reserve your CD!


Paris, France

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Photo by Ellen Schmauss